About us

Vintage motorcycles are very stylish vehicles, they really make you feel the breath of their era. Every ride on one of these bikes is an exclusive time warp.

Owning a classic bike, riding and maintaining it will please you in a very special way-beside this a vintage motorcycle is a serious investment with increasing value.

Our collection includes vintage motorcycles followed by youngtimers, tomorrow’s classic bikes.
    Are you looking to make your classic-bike dreams come true, or to part with your current vehicle?Take advantage of our wealth of experience, we invite you to contact us!

Werner Menikheim, born 1966, has worked for 25 years with vintage motorcycles.

A master’s degree as a motorcycle-mechanic followed the graduation from highschool and a 3-year apprenticeship as a machinist. 20 years of being successfully self-employed in the classic-bike-business built the keystone for todays experience.